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PhD -- Social Statistics, Demography and Geography.


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Tawia Abbam

My name is Tawia and I love languages and science. I have been teaching for the last two decades in various formats. I offer classes in Spanish, Geography and English as a Foreign Language. I am flexible about availability for classes.

I live in the east of Scotland, where I was brought up, and am currently training to be a high school Spanish teacher (DBS checked). For the last decade, I have been undertaking research and teaching at university in social statistics, demography, geography and climate, in which fields I have a PhD.

I have lived, worked and studied in many different countries across four continents. I have lived in Africa and North America, studied in South America and the Caribbean, and worked in Asia and Central America; all for long periods of time and always using the official language of each country (Spanish, Portuguese, Ga, Swahili, Mandarin and English). My undergraduate and first masters degrees were in Spanish, Portuguese, and Human Rights, Environmental Development and Globalisation in Latin America. I also have a masters in Geophysical Hazards. I am qualified to teach (with all the right certicates) English (TESOL), Geography, Social Statistics and Demography (HEA Associate Fellow) and I am currently undertaking a PGDE in Spanish.

I am very passionate about social justice in education and this was one of the foci of my PhD. I like to make learning really fun and I am a very creative teacher. I use a lot of visual arts and kinetic teaching methods. Do not be surprised if we end up dancing salsa whilst learning numbers or you find yourself giving a presentation on climate change next to a rain gauge that you have built in the garden. I specialised in shyness and learning through my university HEA Assistant Fellowship qualification and I implement a lot of techniques to help shy learners. I am familiar with both the Scottish and English school systems. I am very excited to meet you and work with you to acheive whatever it is that you would like.


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