An investment in knowledge
How It works

Simple Steps To Get Started With Tutor Class

Connect with a tutor of your choice. Learn at a time that suits you.
Learn while at home.

Finding the right tutor is easy.Simply read through the tutor profiles or search by subject and level.

Contact your chosen tutor and arrange a free 15-minute “meet-the-tutor” session to ensure the tutor you have selected is the right one for you, without obligation to book a lesson.

Enter the prearranged, state-of-the-art classroom for the tutorial with your chosen tutor. The classroom is fun and easy to use. And don’t forget to rate your tutor after the lesson.

Some Of The Features Of The Tutor Class
Online Classroom

Talk to and see your tutor via the classroom’s audio and video feature.

Upload documents by simply dragging and dropping on to the whiteboard. Ideal for practicing past exam papers. Annotate directly on to the document you or the tutor uploads.

Every session is recorded and retained for 7 days, allowing students to downlaod and review for revision.