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Heena Mohammed

Hi, My name is Heena a first year UCL Economics student. During Summer 2021 I successfully achieved 2 A*s and 1 A in the following A- Level subjects Maths, History and Economics respectively. 
I have just finished working within a tutoring centre where I tutored students from the young years of primary school level up to GCSE. I also took part in leading maths intervention classes for Year 11 GCSE students.
As someone who struggled with mathematics when growing up, I understand the challenges students face when tackling topics and can use my vast knowledge of the subject to help them grapple with their difficulties. When tutoring I ensure I always use a friendly approach to ensure that students feel comfortable enough to ask as many questions so that they can comprehend the topics being taught. I am here to guide students wherever they feel like they need support whether it’s on a particular topic or on exam practice and technique. I reassure my students that asking questions is a powerful tool which they need not to be afraid of but instead see it as a strengthening technique.
In the first lesson, I will assess the stage your child is working at currently. I will also ask the child the method of teaching they find most helpful whether that be through written explanations, exam practise or repeated verbal examples. 
I ensure my lessons are interactive and engaging allowing students to find maths more accessible. I ensure that students have the understanding needed behind topics and delve deeper within the subject. Being someone who has finished school just recently, I would like to think I would be quite relatable with students making tutoring more comforting for students. 
I am always happy to answer questions outside the lesson whether that is with homework set, or with any particular topics the student needs extra support with.
Thank you 

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