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Chris Howland

My name is Christopher, I'm a graduate in History and Ancient History from the University of Exeter. I also have A-Level qualifications in Mathematics, Further Pure Mathematics, Psychology and History. I primarily tutor in Mathematics, History or Latin at GCSE level, but am willing to tutor for pre and post GCSE qualifications also. I have tutored partially to fund my degree study, but also to add to my teaching experience with a view to a career in education.

My passion lies in History however because of its eternal relevance and teaching power. It is often remarked that there is nothing new under the sun, which I find particularly cheering. It means that there is never a problem that someone has not faced before in some manner and therefore, somewhere hidden away in history, there is a solution too. Therefore, my basic approach to helping students improve is that of making history relevant to them and their own experience.

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