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Chloe-Jeane Parsley

Hi! My name is Chloe-Jeane (I prefer CJ) and welcome to my profile! In 2023 I graduated with a first degree in BSc Criminology and Forensic Studies. I am currently in the process of completing a MSc in Psychology with an ambition next year to do a further MSc in Sports Psychology.


I have done plenty of one-on-one online sessions with students. These lessons usually last for around 1 hour. I understand and have experience with most exam boards that are used for psychology. My teaching style is dependent upon the students I have. I can adapt to all abilities and styles as best I can to help each individual study and revise to the best of their abilities. My philosophy as a tutor is to have patience and understanding and build confidence in every student I teach. I hope to inspire and develop knowledge in each tutor I teach and always leave them with a smile at the end of each session.

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