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Ted Rabjohns

Hi I'm Ted! I've recently achieved 3 A's in my A-levels and I'm currently taking a gap year whilst applying to study medicine. Chemistry and Biology have always been a passion and strength of mine, and I've had previous success tutoring these subjects at GCSE level in my local area. 
I am also fully aware of the impact COVID 19 has had on teaching at schools, and that a lot of students may return in September feeling overwhelmed and behind in their studies. I am fully dedicated to helping my students catch up in their studies and gain important confidence in the build up to their GCSEs.
About My Sessions:
I think its always really important to set objectives before the start of the session- this way, I can ensure that we will cover a realistic amount of content within the hour, and can plan sessions accordingly.
Exam success is based on not only a good knowledge of the course, but also a level of experience and skill in exam technique. Therefore, I like to include both teaching and example questions into my sessions, so by the exams the student will be comfortable with exam style questions.

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