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BA (Cantab) -- Law.


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Rob Foxall-Smith

I am an experienced Cambridge academic with a strong history in tutoring young people to exceed their goals prior to university. 

Typically, I work with students to better understand the content and structure of their GCSE and A-Level courses, but I also focus on delivery of answers, and how responses may be tailored to fulfil all of the relevant points on a marking criteria. I am familiar with all major exam syllabuses and am confident in delivering to their unique requirements.
My approach to teaching is based on engagement. I like students to be as interactive as possible in session to ensure content is understood, and to support students in devising and defending their own ideas. I find that this method helps develop a relationship of trust which is essential to helping students gain confidence and flourish as they sit their exams.
I am enthusiastic and an effective communicator, with a strong sense of how to motivate pupils to reach their highest level.

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