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Jonathon Vine

My name is Jonathon Vine. I've been a Primary school teacher in the UK and abroad for over 8 years. I have a passion for maths and have undertaken extra study to support schools in developing mathematics.


I have experience of working within KS1 and KS2 delivering the whole curriculum. I also have experience of working with maths subject leaders in other schools to support the development of the curriculum to support all learners.


Many of the problems we face with maths stem from shaky understanding of some of the key relationships within maths. It is not a subject full of different formulae to learn, but a subject with some key relationships between numbers which we can apply in different ways. My approach is to first assess current understanding, then unpick any gaps and support the student to truly understand the concepts which underpin the maths. Once this is done, you should not only score highly on examinations, but you will also have a firm foundation for approaching further maths. 
I use a range of visual resources which show the processes involved in maths, then through practice, and looking at concepts in depth, we look at how we can apply the processes to new concepts.
The most important part though is to share that feeling of achievement, and through my enthusiasm, avoidance of rote, repetitive practice, and imagination, I hope you will leave my sessions enjoying the subject.

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