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Charlotte Sedgwick-Dwane

Hi. My name is Charlotte.

I believe that Maths gets a bad rap for no reason and that every person has the capability to conquer Maths, reach their goals in Maths and develop the skills needed for the rest of their life. There is no reason for it to be a badge of honour to be bad at Maths. I have seen so many people who believed that they just couldn't do Maths turn it around and achieved amazing results, including my sister who was told she could never pass her GCSE Maths and who, in one year, turned it around and ended up with a high B. Sometimes people, especially children, just need someone to believe in them. I started tutoring because I had health problems which meant i couldn't get a full time job and I have grown to love working with the students and seeing the progress that is possible. It is not just in their Maths skills but it translates to their confidence in all areas of their life. This makes it very meaningful for me.

I have been tutoring for 5 years with a speciality in Mathematics. I have tutored children from as young as 6 up to university level, and adults. Many of these I have tutored over many years, including one lovely young girl who has been with me since I started. I have covered every Maths exam it is possible to take, from SATs and Common Entrance to iGCSE and University exams. References available on request.

Every student is different, with different skills, goals and way of learning. I am able to use my creativity to find many different ways to teach so I am always able to tailor my lessons to each individual’s specific way of learning. My youth also helps me to connect with students who struggle to relate to their parents or older teachers. This allows me ways in and to be on the student's side which helps create a great relationship and allows the progress to be expedited.

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