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Sanjay Kumaran


I’m Sanjay, I’m currently a first year undergraduate at Imperial College London studying for a MEng in Chemical Engineering. Throughout my years in my GCSEs and A-Levels I have always loved the curiosity sciences have brought me, and in turn have pursued the STEM path.

I thoroughly enjoy my degree as it combines separate aspects from mathematics, chemistry and physics overlapping all the way from quantum theory (study of atomic movement) all the way to reaction and process engineering (designing chemical processes on a large scale).

In my previous years in sixth form I was a mentor in chemistry, simply out of enjoyment, which is a key reason for becoming a tutor. The sense of fulfilment of helping younger minds and deepening understanding is an unparalleled feeling for me.

Currently at university I enjoy my fair share of societies ranging from squash to live music as a good academic and social balance is key.

I will structure my tuition sessions using past paper questions, filling in knowledge gaps and deepening understanding beyond the subject specification to improve long term memory of concepts. My long term aims are strong understanding and abilities to apply knowledge of these subjects easily.

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