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Nathan Sandalls

I am a Twentieth-Century History Masters student at the University of Liverpool, currently completing my thesis on German Reunification and the Labour Party between 1989 to 1990. Though my speciality is in modern history, I know a wide diverse range of subjects, with familiarity on topics such as economic and environmental Chinese history to the presence of the USA in the Middle East during the twentieth century. I hope to improve the confidence that students have in their ability and drive them to achieve success in their exams or their appreciation of History as a subject.

Tutoring Experience

During my undergraduate studies, I was the President of Langwith College Football Club, one of the biggest sporting organisations at the University with over 100 members. By leading weekly training sessions for five teams alongside running several projects, I have experience with coaching individuals on a variety of matters which have resulted in great outcomes. Combining this with my experience as a master’s student, I hope to translate my proficiencies and knowledge as someone who was once in the position that my students are at and create an outcome that they will be proud of.

Tutoring Approach

I believe that studying any subject should not be solely fixated on passing exams, but rather on gaining invaluable skills that can be translated into a variety of areas for one’s future. Whilst most people can learn facts and figures on several topics, simply to attain the base pass mark for assessments, the factor that makes students truly stand out is their ability to translate foundational skills and create succinct arguments based on the question they have been asked. Thus, my approach can be illustrated in a pyramid. Students deal with three areas, allocated in descending order of their complexity importance for both exams and comprehension of the subject. Thus, they are encountered in the following order.

First, the core aptitudes that are at the heart of History. Amongst them are analysis, critical thinking, research, and writing. Second, key historical concepts underpin the modules that my student’s study. And third, the specific facts and figures which support the wider notions that are key for exam writing. By teaching in this order, students become more rounded individuals. Rather than creating an exam robot, I believe my training helps to develop essential aptitudes that can be utilised across wider education and in a future career.


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