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Ant Craven

I’m a vastly experience tutor with over 4 years experience, specializing in the core subjects for the GCSE years. I offer a very different method to a traditional 'school experience' – mine is a modern informal bespoke approach – one that has garnered excellent results. I’ve worked with students of all ranges and abilities, from high-achievers, aiding them to secure grades 7-9, through to those less able. I’ve also home-schooled several clients and I’ve held the responsibility of grading a student for her final GCSE exams. With my guidance, no child has failed an exam and most of them have experienced significant boosts in their grades.

As a guide, each student should expect to see their grade increase between 2-3 levels over the course of one academic year. To achieve this, I've put in place a number of simple but highly effective structures for the student to unleash their potential. Working closely with the students, we also delve into past papers and exam-style questions, in order for the student to realise what is expected and maximise their marks. However, each student is unique and requires slightly different methods; my role is to harness and nurture the innate abilities of all students and find the solutions which best enable them to learn and grow as individuals.


Experienced in Teaching:

Science: Triple & Double Science for EdExcel/AQA/iGCSE

English: Literature and Language for EdExcel/AQA/iGCSE



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