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B. A. Joint Honours -- Philosophy and Sociology.


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Brian McCarthy

About Myself.

The best teacher is simply the best pupil. The best teacher is the person who can best explain what they have learnt and how they've learnt it. And if they do this with passion and enthusiasm - both of which are contagious - they can easily spark the love of learning in their students as well. I love teaching because I love learning. Studying for me is not something added onto my life, like paying a tax. Studying IS my life, like breathing. The good teacher must remain a pupil for life and that is what I've always aspired to do. And in loving what I've learnt I aim to communicate that love to those I teach.

Teaching Experience

Education has been my life! At sixteen, having won my Black Belt in Karate, I began teaching classes at my Sensei's Karate school. After graduating I lectured in Sixth Form Colleges, teaching A level. Following graduation from the West Yorkshire Playhouse Theatre Training Progam I both acted in, and taught, drama. Since achieving a PCGE I have worked in many different school environments - teaching all subjects on the curriculum at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. I have also taught special needs and adult education classes. Private tuition has always been a passion of mine, as I have often been headhunted by friends to privately tutor their children! Teaching is my life!

Approach to Tutoring

My approach to tutoring is very simple - the child/young adult comes first. Everything is tailored around the individual needs of the pupil. Each lesson is designed to develop the student's strengths and overcome their weaknesses. And this is done via specifically designing the lesson for the child in mind, based upon the assessment of what that pupil requires to make massive progress. This assessment is continuous and ongoing from one lesson to the next. In this way, the pupil is always pushed to make that next big step forward.

Present Focus

I am currently specialising in the tutoring of mathematics, from Key Stage Two level to GCSE.


I am available from 9am to 9pm, Monday to Friday and from 8am to 5pm, Saturday, in the Birmingham, England area. However, certain spots may be booked in advance so please inquire for further details.


Outside of tutoring I train in Martial Arts, sing Gregorian Chant and am addicted to reading and to the picking up of new skills.


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