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Diploma in Public Service Interpreting -- French - English Law.


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Nahéma Ikeng

Hi there! Bonjour!


You've made it to my profile, so I am guessing that you are looking to or have been trying to improve your speaking and listening skills. Perhaps you've been learning French for a while, and although you are comfortable with reading and writing, you still struggle with speaking and listening. Well, if any of the statements below apply to you, then I am thrilled to say that I can help you!


- You freeze when you try to have a conversation in French, even when you actually know what to say in your head

- You get nervous about speaking and/or you avoid conversations

- You hear one long stream of sounds and do not recognise the words even when you know them in written form

- You get so busy trying to figure a word out that you end up missing the rest of the conversation

- You want to take your French to the next level and polish your pronunciation or accent, and want to show your true personality when you speak

- Overall, you want to be able to hold conversations where you can speak freely without getting stuck


Does that sound familiar? If it does, fear not, you found me and we are going to sort this out!


What I offer is a tailor-made course that will be based on your unique struggles and unique strengths to tackle this common issue that a lot of learners encounter. We're going to dive deep and figure out why you are plateauing, next I am going to teach you powerful conversation strategies to dramatically improve your speaking ability as well as your listening ability. We're also going to debunk some fears and beliefs that might be holding you back and you will become a more confident speaker by connecting with others and showing your true self!


It gets better. Love it or your money back: you have 60 days to try out the lessons with me, and if you don't love it (you will though!) you can ask for your money back and I will refund you all the lessons booked! No exceptions. I am so committed to this and I believe that I can help you so much that I am more than happy to let you try out the lessons with confidence and see for yourself!


Are you intrigued? Brilliant, then drop me a message! Do it and get in touch! After all, this is only a snippet of information about my lessons. I would love to hear about your personal challenges with learning French, and so to find out how I can help YOU in particular, please do get in touch and I will be more than happy to answer any question and discuss further to confirm whether I am the perfect tutor for you.


I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Happy learning and à bientôt!



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