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BA Hons -- Politics, International Studies and Quantitative Methods.


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Aarushi Jain

Hi everyone! I'm a final year student at the University of Warwick studying Politics, International Studies and Quantitative Methods. Having had a lot of spare time recently, I decided to put my IGCSE skills to the use and sign up to become a tutor! I have been providing private tutoring since 2018 but with the rise of C-19, decided to put it on hold for the time being. Now, I want to get back to tutoring and help you succeed! 


IGCSE: Maths (A), Triple Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) (A*)(A*)(A*), Economics (A*), English Language (A*), World Literature (A*)

Looking to tutor primary-IGCSE level students in Maths, Chemistry, Biology, English and Economics. 


My teaching style:

I begin the introductory session by asking you basic details such as where your interests lie, what your goals are for the future and what you hope to get out of tutoring, whether it be a better understanding of the subject matter or a higher grade. 
I go through the course with you and divide the topics based on the level of difficulty it poses for you. From there, I would make a rough plan for how long we want to spend on each topic and when we plan to finish the course by. I take a very interactive approach with my students and try to personalise it to them as much as I can. 
I usually open up the session by asking if you have any pressing questions which I can clear up beforehand. Afterwards, I go through my session plan, teach the material and based on your progress during the session, set an acceptable amount of homework (taking in your other commitments). 
Most importantly, I provide an 'open-door' policy, where you can message me any time throughout the week  if you have urgent questions or it's exam season.

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